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The one and only Multiple Sclerosis Yoga expert Doctor in India with years of training and research experiences.

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Unique symptomatic yoga program designed based on researches and years of experience.

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I am very lucky to come across Dr chaithanya. she is very patient and listens to our problems very carefully. I feel so much better after a month itself

Rosen lecture

As a beginner to yoga i felt very anxious in the first time, but doctor explained everything scientifically and guided me each day, answered all my questions .I recommend her for MS yoga to all.

Vivek Engineer

MS yoga reduced my symptoms and now i am able to lead a normal life. Thank you Dr.Chaithanya

Alex Paul Business

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    Beginner level

    MS yoga taught from basic level based on symptoms and body type. Mainly for those who are new to yoga .

    Advanced  level 

    Higher level of MS yoga practice with advanced asanas and meditation for those who are already practicing yoga.

    Ayurvedic herbs and lifestyle

    Rearrange your lifestyle as per Vedas and know the best herbs that aids in MS recovery  based on researches.  

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