Are You a Yogi? Story of a seeker

I often stumble upon a point , whether i am a yogi or not. When I was teaching yoga to my patients some of them called me  a yogi. This made me a seeker in yoga philosophy. Lets start from the classics and travel to the mind of the seeker.

             The seeker thinks that yoga is you, yes from what you eat to what you think; from the panchabouthik (five elemental) to the chitha boomi (thoughts) .

         What shall go on the mind of a yogi? Well ..well…well… I am sertain about few facts

  • Speaks truth
  • Not greedy
  • Loves others as you love your self
  • Never even think about harming others
  • Or having something of theirs
  • Be kind

For a human I am, these are there with a yogi. Why not to do these? Can you meditate peacefully knowing that you did something wrong? I don’t think so. The greed makes you do unholy things which is going to affect your sadana/practice.

Having a clear conscious will be the frame work of a yogi to develop internally. Eventually it will lead to satisfaction and happiness .which at its supreme , goes to bliss

Lets start our yoga journey with a clear chitta.(Mind)

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