About me

Ayurvedic and Yoga Doctor who has done her research work on Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis and developed MS Yoga.

I built a symptomatic yoga protocol which is promising

How to start learning from scratch

Get your primary consultation from doctor and analys your body using Ayurvedic and Yogic principles

How to start with Ayurveda

change your total life style including the time of waking up to the time to sleep. Doctor will be in touch with you all day and help you to build a healthy life style and diet 

Take my courses & start healing

My courses are designed for MS patients exclusively. They include Ayurveda,Yoga and Indian traditional Vedic system. we help you to go back to a state of health through one to one interactions.

My career

Online instructor

Sep 2015 – present

Teaching Yoga for many through online platform and help them to reach the state of health

Ayurvedic Doctor

Sep 2015 – present

Helping people to eradicate their illness through herbs without any complications

Yogic counselor

Sep 2015 – present

Counselling people to help them to reach their goal set. Eliminate stress and stay happy.

Special skills
MS yoga researcher
Therapeutic yoga Trainor
Mobile App Development
Vedic lifestyle
herbal expert

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Never delay the right thong to do You are one click away from health.